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Summer fun with Killington Strippers

Its summertime boys and girls! Killington strippers is open and ready to party with you. All of our amazing Killington strippers travel anywhere in Vermont. Our roster is stacked. Hot, fun, wild and most importantly cool young chicks to get naked and entertain you and your friends. This is considered “bachelor party” season. Its that time of the year when guys make the mistake of getting married. Its our job to show them what they will be missing once they say ‘I do”.

So if you’re the best man, friend of the groom, hell the groom himself and you want to do the right thing, then call us up anytime at 802-359-7479 and reserve the best Killington strippers on the market. Our prices cant be beat when you compare talent. Its time to experience the true bachelor party.

We will have “Fathers Day” specials coming up as well. So if you’re in Vermont, or anywhere in New England for that matter, pick up the phone, call us at 802-359-7479 and reserve 2 of the best. We cant wait to party with you and celebrate your special events!!

Killington Strippers – No Backpage – No Problem

Killington strippers is now booking for Super Bowl parties, Ski parties, Bachelor parties, Guys weekend and all other events. The mountain is filling up with snow. The weather is finally getting colder. So its time to warm up those nights with our Killington Strippers.

Backpage shut down its adult section so now you dont need to worry about the kind of junk and junkies the dirt bag agents on backpage were sending. You cant find them on Google or Yahoo because they are pimps with a phone driving junkies with stretch marks.

Our agency has only top quality. They hire what I turn away. Our Killington strippers get Weighed, Age Verified, Inspected for track marks and trained to be fun and wild.

Why anyone would hire anyone else is beyond us. Dollar for dollar you might save $25 – $50 by using someone else by why would you take a 6 for 200 when you can have a 9 at 250? Listen there is only 1 Killington Party Strippers. Someone has our name on Twitter, HE IS NOT US!!

Call the best in the business! 802-359-7479

Book those parties quick as our appointment book fills up fast.


Killington Strippers 2017 Parties – (802) 359-7479 – Strippers Killington

2017 killington strippers is here and its time to party. Snow has fallen and all of our Killington Strippers are ready to perform for you. The roster of killington strippers has been updated. You will find some new and some of the older favorites. As always we continue to provide top quality at affordable rates.

Our continued coverage area will include; Killington, Mt Snow, Mt Stowe, Jay Peak, Burlington and practically anywhere in Vermont.  The entire crew all travel to Killington or any other resort located in Vermont. When you call to book your events, try and give us a little advanced notice.

100% confident that you will love our Killington Strippers. There is only 1 of us. Another agent is using a Twitter handle of our name. That agency and us are not the same company.

Killington Strippers Raven

Killington Strippers Natalia

Killington Strippers Julz

Killington Strippers 2016 Finally

Lets celebrate 2016 with our infamous Killington Strippers. There are a lot of imitators but no duplicators! We have style, class, beauty, personality and most of all we have fun. These Killington Strippers cannot be beat by any company and we will prove it. Order our 2, order their 2, do not give a credit card and you choose the girls you really want. It might cost an extra $25-$50 more to have us but its worth every penny. We are running on year 7 of providing the most attractive Killington Strippers in Vermont.

Just a reminder, do not listen to any agency claiming to be from Vermont. They don’t exist. All these sharks and bottom feeders travel from Boston, Maine and New Hampshire. You can get our Killington Strippers every weekend and they will look better and better every time. These Killington Strippers look great with the lights on or off and with their clothes on or off. Call us today and schedule ahead cause it will snow and it will get busy!

Our number is 802-359-7479

We look forward to partying with you this year!!!lea21

Killington Strippers 2015 is here!!

Welcome to Killington Strippers 2015. This marks our 6th year providing Killington strippers to the ski resorts and all over Vermont. 2015 will be bigger and better with bigger parties, better rates and even hotter girls. We are super excited to still be the number ONE agency in all of Vermont. Our Killington party strippers are the best for several reasons.
Beauty, Attitude, Age, Enthusiasm and Reliability!!

If you can find a better group of killington strippers then the ones we provide, let me know asap. We will challenge any agent or company you can find to the “Pay for who you Want” Challenge. Its simple, book with them and us, we both show up, you choose which one you want to pay for. Remember, do NOT give anyone a credit card over the phone. If they are a real local agent then they wont need one to reserve your party. You can always pay on credit at the party with us. We come prepared with all the gadgets and gizmos to ensure you have the best possible party with no interruptions.

Remember the company who provides the best in Killington, Stowe, Mt Snow, Jay Peak, Burlington, Okemo and the rest of Vermont. We are always open for booking.

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