Mt Snow Strippers – Party Review

Mt Snow Strippers : So this past weekend Mount Snow had a “Tough Mudder” competition happening at the mountain. The event was on the 14th and 15th of July. I get a call around 3:30 pm from a guy who was at the event. Here is a snippet of our conversation..
Me: Party Group can i help you?
Him: Yeah we are up in Mt Snow wondering if you got girls available tonight.
Me: Wow man, you waited til the last-minute, its saturday afternoon, what time were you looking at?
Him: We were thinking around 9pm
Me: So you want prime time, prime girls, last-minute?
Him: I know its last-minute, any chance you could help us out?
Me: Hold on, let me see what i can do for you.. (long pause) Alright man, i pulled some strings and i can get 2 girls to you for around 9:30pm.
Him: Awesome, which girls? Do you have pics of them?
Me: Its last-minute man, i got 2 young blondes (i will show you who later in the post)
Him: Ok, how much we talking?
Me: I usually get $450, but i will cut you a break and do it for $350
Him: Book it..

So i sent him 2 blondes, they arrived at 9:04pm for a 9:30 party. The driver must have been thinking it was a Nascar event cause he got there in a hurry. I get a text from him around 11:42 letting me know they were getting ready to leave. (2 hours and 38 min later for those keeping score). I send a reply.. ” How did they do?” Response.. “Awesome, girls had fun and made great money”.. I send the guys at the party a text cause at this point i wanted to see if he was happy with our service and what i was able to do for him on such a short notice.. “So ****, How was the show and did i come through for you?” was my text to him.

This is the response i got..
“Incredible, i still can’t believe you pulled that together for me in the middle of nowhere on such a short notice. I do these events all the time and will call you again the next time around. Finding girls that cute up here is impossible, you really are good at what you do and they are too. Please tell Blair i love her and if you would be so kind as to give her my number i would be grateful. Thanks buddy..”

So without any further delay, here are the Mt Snow Strippers i sent to him and if you like what i did for him, call me for your party and let me work my magic for you. Our number is 802-359-7479..

vermont stripper Blair   Stripper Charma