Mt Snow Strippers 8/12 Review

So i got a call from my buddy at Vip. He had a customer who wanted some girls in Ludlow Vermont. We do a lot of work over at Mt Snow and i was able to deliver some strippers for him. Normally our Mt Snow strippers get booked directly and we normally get the reviews ourselves but this time Vip handled most of the communication.

We arrived 13 minutes late which by industry standards and norms we were early. Which we pride ourselves on. They guys were excited to see they had 3 really hot girls show up instead of the 2 they planned on (at no extra cost). The party lasted a little over 2 hours and the next day my buddy emailed them for a review of our Mt Snow strippers. This is the review he was given.

“Yo. VIP hooked up my best friends bachelor party Saturday. They came way out to middle of nowhere and brought 3 girls, all hot. Jade, unbelievable body, and was way better in person. Sophia, too good to describe, had dem beautiful  breastesests. Blair was hot, very accomodating. They finished the evening with a little dip in the hottub with my boy, Big X.  He was happier than a xxxx in a xxxx pool. (demon voice) oh boy!  We were all a little skeptical prior, having no experince with organizing this type of thing, but seriously the pics are all accurate no bullshit, drivers were cool, good attitude from the girls.  Highly reccomended service. Better than expected. Thanks, internets. And thanks, VIP.”

Don’t take it from us how good we are, take it from customers who have experienced our service first hand. So if you want Mt Snow strippers call us at 802-359-7479.. Here are those girls from the review..

vermont stripper Blair Mt Snow strippers Sophia Mt Snow Stripper Jade

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