New Killington Strippers Natalia

What happens when you add a 20 year old smoking hot stripper to the roster for Killington strippers?

You get the best line up of strippers from top to bottom.

I will put any of my duo teams against any agency that provides Killington strippers.

This young and sexy stripper came to us 2 weeks ago. She never danced before and quickly became a huge favorite for our customers. She has been working with one of our other Killington Strippers Mia.

They both are available any weekend in Killington, Stowe, Mt Snow, Jay Peak, Burlington and any where in Vermont. I suggest you call ahead of time to get these 2 amazing dancers as they will book real fast.

miaStripper Natalia

Adding Killington Strippers

We have added a few new Killington strippers to our roster. Finally after 2 months we have pictures of them available. You can view an up to date roster by going to our Dancers page.

For the last 3 months we have been extremely busy booking Killington strippers. We have fallen slightly behind keeping you informed as to whats new with Killingtonpartystrippers.

Our most requested duo is SOPHIA and RAVEN

These Killington strippers are simply amazing. I can’t say it any other way. The reviews and feedback we have gotten on this duo team is by far the best i have ever seen in the last 6 years. It’s overwhelming how much the customers love this Killington Vermont team. Here is a review from a previous show:
“Anthony the girls are better than you said. The price was well worth it. Raven and Sophi will never be forgotten by any of us. I know for me i will call you again. Anyone who is thinking about using someone else needs to rethink it. Keep up the good work, you got a loyal customer in us. John”  01-09-2013


Strippers in Killington

This weekend we have some awesome strippers in Killington, Vermont. Call today or Thursday and book a show with any of our Killington strippers and get unbelievable rates. First callers get the top strippers. So call right away and find out who is available. All of the strippers in killington will be working on Friday and Saturday night. If you want girls last-minute or the company you called doesn’t show up, we will take all last-minute bookings. Obviously you wont get the same discount as those that book in advance. You will get the same amazing quality. The roster is full of smoking hot, 18-24 year old, 105 – 125 pound wild strippers in killington.

Also, since the strippers in Killington will be in Vermont, if you are located at Mount Snow or Mount Stowe ski resorts, we will be able to do your stripper party as well. Call us and find out what time slots and who will be available for those areas. Our strippers will be warming up all the ski resorts this weekend. It will be an amazing time for those who have booked shows. Feel free to email us for a quote. Please be as detailed in the form as possible.

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Killington Ski Strippers


The snow has started to fall up at Killington, Vermont.  The ski resorts are open and the lifts are running. Grab your ski’s and snowboards and let the winter games begin. Ski by day, then warm up to some of the hottest Killington Strippers on the mountain. Currently we are running specials for the resorts. Now you can ski and save money on strippers. All you need to do is book a show with at least 24 hours notice, then when the girls show up, show them your ski lift pass and you will get $25 off the show fee. How can you beat that amazing rate? No gimmicks, no garbage, no trash showing up, just clean sexy fun. All of our Killington Strippers are between 18-24 years old, they weigh between 105-120 pounds. We got blondes, brunettes, red heads, white girls, spanish girls, asian girls, college girls, fun girls and guaranteed to have a blast.

Book any Killington Strippers and we will deliver 1 hell of a party. No credit card needed, no deposit required, no fake bullshit girls like our competition, what you see is what you get. Our Killington strippers work on tips, so make sure to tip them well and they will stick around and party. So now ask yourself, why would you call anyone else? Why would you want to deal with the mystery box of horror by calling a different company? Killingtonpartygroup is the only choice.

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Mt Snow Strippers – Party Review

Mt Snow Strippers : So this past weekend Mount Snow had a “Tough Mudder” competition happening at the mountain. The event was on the 14th and 15th of July. I get a call around 3:30 pm from a guy who was at the event. Here is a snippet of our conversation..
Me: Party Group can i help you?
Him: Yeah we are up in Mt Snow wondering if you got girls available tonight.
Me: Wow man, you waited til the last-minute, its saturday afternoon, what time were you looking at?
Him: We were thinking around 9pm
Me: So you want prime time, prime girls, last-minute?
Him: I know its last-minute, any chance you could help us out?
Me: Hold on, let me see what i can do for you.. (long pause) Alright man, i pulled some strings and i can get 2 girls to you for around 9:30pm.
Him: Awesome, which girls? Do you have pics of them?
Me: Its last-minute man, i got 2 young blondes (i will show you who later in the post)
Him: Ok, how much we talking?
Me: I usually get $450, but i will cut you a break and do it for $350
Him: Book it..

So i sent him 2 blondes, they arrived at 9:04pm for a 9:30 party. The driver must have been thinking it was a Nascar event cause he got there in a hurry. I get a text from him around 11:42 letting me know they were getting ready to leave. (2 hours and 38 min later for those keeping score). I send a reply.. ” How did they do?” Response.. “Awesome, girls had fun and made great money”.. I send the guys at the party a text cause at this point i wanted to see if he was happy with our service and what i was able to do for him on such a short notice.. “So ****, How was the show and did i come through for you?” was my text to him.

This is the response i got..
“Incredible, i still can’t believe you pulled that together for me in the middle of nowhere on such a short notice. I do these events all the time and will call you again the next time around. Finding girls that cute up here is impossible, you really are good at what you do and they are too. Please tell Blair i love her and if you would be so kind as to give her my number i would be grateful. Thanks buddy..”

So without any further delay, here are the Mt Snow Strippers i sent to him and if you like what i did for him, call me for your party and let me work my magic for you. Our number is 802-359-7479..

vermont stripper Blair   Stripper Charma

Strippers for Memorial Day

Get amazing strippers for this weekend. We have 2 incredible performers going to Vermont. Get a special rate for friday and saturday on all stripper shows in Vermont or Killington. Here are the girls you can get this weekend..


St. Patty Day Strippers 3/17/12

   Its party time people. Time to break out that Irish Pride and green color clothing. Fill the fridge with beer, the shelves with Irish Whiskey and order some strippers. We have got some great talent that is fun, sexy, young and wild ready to party with you. All you have to do is pick up the phone, call us at 802-359-7479 and schedule the appointment. We also have some fan favorites who will be back in Killington this weekend.

     Joey from our previous post will be working with a different girl this time. A hot young blonde named Chloe! So don’t miss out on getting these 2 amazing girls. Don’t worry, if they get booked up, we got plenty more smokin hot strippers ready to play. We can’t have you sitting on the sidelines or dealing with second-rate companies now can we?

We will be servicing all of Vermont this weekend. Remember to call ahead. Time slots are filling fast. So if you are in Killington, Mt. Snow, Mt. Stowe, Burlington, White River or anywhere in Vermont and want strippers, call us up. We are open all day and night!!

Mt.Snow Strippers 3/10/12

     Saturday night March 10, we will be sending 2 strippers to Mt. Snow in Vermont. They currently have a 10pm show, if you are interested in a 7, 8 or after 12am show on saturday night call us right away. You might be eligible for a show discount so hurry up and call before their time slots fill up. As it stands right now, we expect to be sending as a duo team Sophia and Casey. Pics are located below.

Stripper SophiaStripper Casey

Strippers Joey and Kiley in Killington tonight 3-3

Book 2 of the hottest girls in New England. Call for a 10pm show in Killington, Vermont saturday night and get the 2 girls for an unbelievable rate of $275. You can’t beat that price for the talent that is gonna show up. Here are the 2 girls we are sending. Just click on her name to see her pictures. Call us anytime at 802-359-7479 

Joey and Kiley

Strippers in Stowe 03-02-2012


Busy weekend this weekend in Vermont.. This is your reminder that we got 2 hot, fun and wild strippers who will be in Stowe, Vermont tonight. Their party starts at 10pm, so they will be ready and available from 11:30pm til 2:00am. Call us now to get a “Super Saver” deal on these Vermont strippers. We will be answering the phones til 4:00 am.